b4 you follow

this is a main/priv. i don't like blinks & armyblinks. alternate my pronouns and no prns. no tone tags and double spacing. i dislike idols who have done desi ca. i solo stan. tl > dms.

under 14 or over 18. get mad at kms/kys jokes. believe in bi/pan "lesbians". think lesbians can oppress mlm. bg stan. blink. white, wasian and or cishet. you stan omg suju kwj.

do not follow if

most of the dfi doesn't apply to you if i follow first! don't follow my acc if i'm public, ty! don't give my @ out to anyone without my permission if i'm private.

My Interests . . .

Ults of ults gidle sooshu bts jungkook
Ults bvndit seungeun izone minju wonyo yena loona hyejoo hyunjin chuu
Semi Ults itzy txt rv twice lightsum rosé
Casuals aespa weeekly johnny enhypen akmu eunha mmland + more
Working favorite chebul apink gwsn wjsn woo!ah + more
Soloists iu chungha sunmi soyou suran
Bffs ♡ ażalea ♡ ish bibi shru anusha nova zia leila eren yuvi aaliyah fabi markus mahsa tcgc aim shaz mina saniya jolie